Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Melania Trump and The Lord's Prayer

Can the Trump's do NOTHING right? At the great Melbourne Rally in Florida on Friday, Melania Trump was afforded the honour of giving the opening remarks.
To the surprise of everyone, including her husband, she took to the podium and delivered the Lord's Prayer.  To my knowledge no sitting president, let alone his wife, has ever invoked a prayer to God at the beginning of a public rally.
But be that as it may.
Any one with even the mildest case of religion would surely be glad that the blessing of the Almighty had been implored upon the nation and its President.
Think again.
The Liberal Left have taken to social media in a torrent of criticism depreciating everything from the First Lady's poor pronunciation, to the fact that she had to read the prayer from a sheet of paper when she should have known it by heart, blah, blah, blah.
These are the people who, for the last month, have been on the streets defending the rights and virtues of immigrants: how they are to be cherished, valued and given the special status of  America's newest arrivals. 
Apparently the love stops at the White House door and the immigrant who is married to the President.
Kudos to the millions who have come from elsewhere to America's shore, but Melania! They say she is no more than a glory-seeking glamour girl who should go back to where she came from.



Sunday, February 19, 2017

Roe of the "Roe versus Wade" Dies.

So much for fame and notoriety. Ask Norma McCorvey who was the anonymous Jane Roe, made famous in the landmark abortion case in the 1970's. Norma McCorvey died yesterday at the age of 69.
She has gone to meet her Maker but not before she made her peace with Him. Norma accepted Christ as her Saviour twenty years after her epic court case.
From being the front line advocate for the bestial business of abortion, this lady became a tireless voice to all women who were thinking of terminating their pregnancy.
Well done Norma!
After her personal experience of salvation this lady spoke of how millions of women are manipulated by friends, partners, parents and the liberal media into giving up their child to the knife of the abortion doctor.
Yes millions indeed, for it is estimated that the number of unborn children killed in America since 1973 now stands at 58 million.
That is almost double the population of Canada.
The figure is too frightening to comprehend but be assured that the horror of legislated abortion is just ONE of the issues that is dividing America.
It will NEVER go away nor will the cry of the unborn EVER be silenced until another court settles the matter.
That great assize is about to take place in Heaven in a few years time.



Friday, February 17, 2017

Chubs. I Don't Feel the Love.

Be relieved that you are not a close relative of Kim Jong Un. Alias "Chubs".  This paranoid, megalomaniac, leader of North Korea ordered a hit on his brother, Kim Jong Nam. It was successful. The hapless Jong Nam has been an unwelcome exile from his homeland for several years, on the move between Macau to Malasia and other gambling hot spots but this week his luck ran out.
He was approached by two females in the airport in Malasia, sprayed in the face with an unknown substance and a cloth applied for good measure.
It was obviously not a fragrance shower from admirers. Nam scarcely made it to the check-in counter before collapsing and was found to be dead-on-arrival at hospital fifteen minutes later.
Family members are becoming in short supply in the Chubs Household. Last year his uncle was disposed of, arrested while he was sleeping during the Dear Leader's two hour speech. Another Aunt disappeared under strange circumstances, as have several upper level officials seen as potential rivals.
Yes indeed, be glad that you are not numbered as part of this grim inner circle. 
However, be put on alert. 
This same crazed tyrant has recently been launching missiles capable of travelling hundreds of miles with nuclear war-heads attached. 
My first years on earth had frequent visits to the bomb shelter where my mother read Psalms 91, 27 and 23. I am still reading them, this time from my office chair, knowing that the real bomb shelter is the One who " Covers us with His feathers and hides His people under His wing"
Keep looking up!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Margaret Atwood. Help! The Puritans are Taking Over!

More hysteria from the Liberal left. This time from Margaret Atwood, the self-styled champion of the "oppressed woman."
Her book, the Handmaid's Tale, gives a fictionalized account of women in 17th Century New England being forced to bear children by tyrannical Puritan husbands and other nonsense.
Now, with the rise of the Conservative Right, she becomes just another shrill hysterical voice warning the world that THE PURITANS ARE COMING.
The Puritans! To a liberal, godless, secularized, sensualized, libertine America the Puritans are like aliens from a hostile planet.
Why, they are against same-sex marriage, abortion, Planned Parenthood, trans-gender bathrooms, legalized pot, muslim immigration, no fault divorce and The New World Order. In short, they are a MENACE that must be stopped at all cost.
These puritans actually believe the Bible to be The Word of God and believe that God answered their prayers to bring Donald Trump (the sum of all fears) to the White House. Most of them are also prating wild ideas that Jesus Christ is soon coming back to this earth to set up His Forever Kingdom.
If that is not the giddy limit!
I guess it is, because as far as limits are concerned, we are not even close to what is going to take place in the next four years.
By the time 2020 rolls around there will be boatloads Atwoods and her handmaids setting sail for the antipodes to escape the spiritual revival that is coming to North America.
Bring it on Lord.


Saturday, February 11, 2017


Ever heard of IHAT? After this post you will never hear of it again.
Why? Because IHAT which stands for Iraq Historic Abuse Team has been shut down PERMANENTLY.
Like so many other liberally birthed, good intentioned, well meaning creations IHAT morphed into an uncontrolled monster that  brought Iraq British veterans before its tribunals with fictional episodes and false allegations of how they had violated the rules of war. Having survived the trauma of battle, these soldiers were then subjected to the front line fire of lawyers seeking to pad their pockets at tax payer expense. And massive expenses they were: 
Fifty million dollars and still counting as the U.K Government sought to prosecute its own soldiers for misconduct in a war that they sent them to win.
The latest casualty, however, is the lead human rights lawyer, a creep if ever their was one. His name is Phil Shiner and he has been  fired for gross exaggeration and for bringing false charges against dozens of veterans. Among these are Sgt Brian Wood, who suffered a nine month nightmare of inquisition and Captain Rachel Webster who summed up her ordeal by saying what the battle line had failed to do this bogus court had accomplished by destroying her life.
Yesterday IHAT was dissolved and the 3,000 cases in its file reduced to 20.
That is probably 20 too many. Good riddance to IHAT, good riddance to a hundred lawyers who need to get an honest job. good riddance to every other piece of hideous bureaucracy that harasses good men and women while it fattens the wallets of the lazy, unscrupulous few, who birthed it in the first place.