Thursday, May 25, 2017

When People Don't Keep Their Mouths Shut.

Unbelievably the readers of the New York Times knew the name of the Manchester Suicide bomber before his name was released by the British security forces.
Salman Abedi was a name known by five or six million people in America while the secret drag net operation was still  rapidly unfolding in Manchester.
This has prompted British M 15 to halt all sharing of all highly classified information until the Americans get their act together.
This problem of "leaks" from the FBI to the media is exactly what President Trump has been highlighting for the last two months. Time and again, news of intimate and private conversations one day has been spread abroad the next for all the world to read.
Not only so, but the eaves-droppers also put their own spin on things to further their left wing agenda. Welcome to the world of DEEP STATE, an embedded network of career civil servants who, by fair means or foul, are committed to the over throw of the present administration.
If it all sounds like a "Grisham Spy Thriller" it is. 
Be careful what you whisper in your husband's ear tonight. It may be national news in the morning.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester: Fire and Fury.

This morning the world awaits the cause of the Manchester Stadium explosion.
We don't really have to speculate do we?
It WILL be a terrorist attack. 
It WILL be some Muslim with a name like Ahmed or Muhammed.
He WILL have been on the police watch list.
Why are we so certain?
Because these have been the the INVARIABLES in dozens of these foul and ghastly assaults in the last ten years, whether in America, France, Germany or England.
Its the new reality folks.
And how do we stop it?
At a national level we leave it up to our national leaders to figure it out.
At a PERSONAL level I have been telling EVERYBODY on EVERY possible occasion for the past FIFTY FIVE years that the answer is CHRISTIANITY.
JESUS CHRIST is THE SON OF GOD and the PRINCE OF PEACE and there is no peace without Him. For you, for me and for the whole world.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Now We Really Have Seen it All.

They call it The Rarified Club. It is that group of contemporary painters, including Picasso and Francis Bacon, whose works have fetched over 100 million dollars in auction. Add Jean-Michel Basquiat to the list.
Here we have a strange individual, strung out on dope and wildly psychopathic who gave birth to his hallucinations with a spray can.
There  are thousands of others like him, but David Bowie became one of his patrons in the 1980 and thus his claim to fame.
The fame is posthumous. Basquiat died of an over dose.
He would have thought that he was on an extra special high at the Sotheby auction yesterday when his skull painting sold for 110 million dollars. Maybe the buyer was on a high as well. You can afford to be on one when you have a billion dollars spare cash in your wallet.
The successful bidder was a Japanese Fashion Guru, owner of 
After adding "The skull" to his other Basquiat acquisition "The Horned Devil" he said:
"I am happy to announce I just WON this master piece"
Folks, that's what you do when you are a multi billionaire. You don't BUY things, you WIN things.
This week Pauline and I were debating whether we could afford to re-sod our lawn for $350. Now I have the answer. Of course we can. We will just go over to the sod farm and WIN ourselves 50 rolls of grass!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

When Treason Comes Wearing Lip-stick

Chelsea Manning was released from prison yesterday. You may recall that it was he/she who was sentenced to thirty years in a military jail for divulging state secrets to Wikileaks. You may also recall that while Manning was behind bars he underwent a sex change operation and became a "SHE".
You may also recall that one of the last acts of President Obama was to commute his/her sentence and sign an early release.
Now this same Chelsea Manning has been seized upon by the LGBT community and the adoring liberals and made into symbol of triumphant resistance.
Her/his photograph has now become the rainbow coalition's poster child. Above is the newly done-over portrait of a traitor, in all its grotesque beauty to be paraded as a model of American protest.
Meantime President Donald Trump is parodied as a blown-up buffoon by the same media-types.
Take your pick folks because this is a sample of Brave New America going to hell in a heap.


Friday, May 12, 2017

When Real Estate Goes UN-REAL ESTATE

UN-REAL ESTATE is my word for what has been happening in the Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A.) in the past 18 months.
This year it reached my city of Barrie where, since the beginning of the year, prices have surged by 30% putting the median cost of a home at $530,000:00. This may not seem an outrageous figure to some of you folk who are used to offering your left kidney as a down payment on a property, but for us it is simply UN-REAL.
On my street alone we have bidding wars on houses that have been on and off the market for two years. "FOR SALE" signs are planted on lawns only to have "SOLD" stickers on them within a week.
What is going on?
The answer is simple. The Chinese have arrived. The Eastern invasion came to Vancouver ten years ago when Beiing investment was directed to real estate. When a foreign-investment tax was levied at 15% in Vancouver to calm the market, the money flowed to Toronto and the prices went up. In the condo where Pauline and I are moving to next year, at least a third of the units have been bought by Chinese agents: since there are lot of Chinese millionaires the UN-REAL ESTATE market continues to heat up.
Which brings me to my final point. For fifty years and more I have been in the Real Estate business. I have been telling folk about  FREE property in Heaven for as many who would accept the offer.
The dwellings are in the New Jerusalem and they are described as "MANSIONS" by Jesus in John 14.
They have already been purchased and prepared by our Heavenly Father and there are MANY of them.
Why don't you read the real estate section of the Bible for yourself and make your own choice? Its better than slitting your wrists to pay for a life time mortgage down here.