Tuesday, September 19, 2017


No one would argue that every nation and state has a responsibility to protect its citizens. But to what extent should they go to exercise their guardian ship? 
Today in England we saw the NANNY STATE in total overdrive.
What happened?
Why, a suspicious package was spotted under a bridge on a major motorway leading out of London.
Was some one sent to examine this bucket, or barrel, or box or what ever it was?
Absolutely not. 
 Robots and remote controlled sniffers were brought to the scene. Helicopters flew over head. Special police units were flown in. The army bomb squad was put on stand-by and all the experts studied the situation from long distance cameras. And what, may we ask, was in the barrel?  Nothing but corrosive chemicals that some truck driver had dumped to avoid going to the HazMat section in the local landfill.
Give us a break!
Two hundred thousand vehicles and some four hundred thousand people were held up for five hours. This amounts to the loss of two million man hours over a barrel of waste oil.
Surely Shakespeare has a play written about such nonsense. Yes, It is "Much ado about nothing."
Perhaps the terrorists are not the only people we need to protected from. The national nannies have become just as great a pain.


Sunday, September 17, 2017


If this had been an oversight or a loss by a privately run firm, heads would have rolled and a huge dragnet would have been set in motion. Not so when the institution happens to be the British Museum. Entrusted to their care was the priceless Cartier Ring. This irreplaceable piece of Jewelry had been a centre piece in their display until 2011. Then, in a general rearrangement within the museum, the ring went missing.
The police were not informed because, as was presumed, it had been simply MISLAID. However, after SIX YEARS of sorting through drawers and boxes the staff  have finally reported the ring as missing and PRESUMED STOLEN.
Well, well!
As one police spokesman drily remarked, it was probably an inside job and the chances of recovery after six years are slim to none.
Such a blasé attitude. Such incompetence. Such lack of professionalism, and we must add, such chicanery.
But in case your mind is boggled, just think of the words of Jesus Christ concerning the universal human neglect of something exceedingly more precious then the Cartier Ring. 
 Marks Gospel reads thus:
"What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"
Two questions to which only we ourselves can supply the answer.
Breakfast with Ian. Maybe you can think about this simple post while you are enjoying your tea and toast this morning!


Friday, September 15, 2017

A Certain Path to Civil War.

Not content pull down the statues of civil war generals in Virginia and haul down the Stars and Bars in South Carolina, the zealots have turned their attention to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.
These venerable gentlemen, who represent the founding fathers of America happened to own slaves in their day. For this crime, the political purists have labelled them racists and bigots whose memory needs to be expunged from the archives of U.S. history. The move is now on to have their statues pulled down and put on the pile along with General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and others.
Then we wonder at the backlash that takes place when, not just the far right, but ordinary Americans say "Enough is Enough!"
Mark it down. If  zealotry and ignorance combine their forces "Enough is NEVER enough."
The revolutions in France and Russia stand as warnings as to what happens when rabid minds take over the thinking of large sections of the populace. The demolition of statues is always followed by the demolition of structures and institutions. The broadmindedness of "Love thy neighbour" will be replaced by "Follow me and damn the rest" and the enduring symbol of the Cross will be replaced by the symbol of the sword.
If George Washington ever bites the dust there will be thousands of people biting bullets not long after. Guaranteed.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Never Fear the Government Will Look After You!

By way of light relief, especially with the South half under water, comes this report of the new robotic security people.
These are a series of robots that have been given charge of patrolling government buildings in Washington D.C.
Sounds good on the surface. A further step into our brave new cyber world where everything  can be accomplished by self driving cars, airplanes and the like. Now robots to patrol and protect us when we are on government property. There was a small hitch however.
This robot decided to ditch itself in the fountain and went down in a hiss of steam and sparks.
Which brings me to the source of true security which is a trust in the living God who sees all things and has guaranteed us angels to be in surveillance over the lives all believers.
Their batteries don't run out, they don't ditch themselves in swimming pools and they are on the job 24/7.
Today meditate on this word
"He shall give his angels charge over you lest you come to harm."
And another verse in the psalms:
"The Angel of the Lord encamps around the dwelling place of the just."
Angles on a assignment folks. There are real and they are with us.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

When the Wind of God Blows.

Psalm 148 is worthy of our consideration this morning.
The Unites States and the Caribbean basin are totting up the bill after been battered to pieces by consecutive hurricanes: it is likely to reach half a trillion dollars. Oh my! 
But listen to the Word of God.
"Praise Him ye waters that be above the Heavens. Praise the Lord from the earth, ye dragons and all deeps: fire and hail; snow and mists; stormy winds fulfilling His Word."
Irma, Katia, Harvey, Jose...... these hurricanes were not desperados that somehow escaped from God's prison house. All four of these ladies and gentlemen were under His command, from their quiet conception in Africa, in their evolution in the Atlantic Ocean to their fury and might when they reached the Western Hemisphere. All were steered and directed by God who, the Bible says: "Holds the winds in His fists".
I, for one, don't intend to argue that point, having escaped the wrath of a tornado in my own city of Barrie in 1985.
But when the "Dragons of the deeps" are let loose upon us what message do they bring?
Solomon in his wisdom three thousand years ago spoke words to this effect: 
"O God, when You cease to send the rains in their season and blight and plague visit Your people and we are delivered into the Hands of our enemies, cause us O God to come to your Holy Temple and look unto You in repentance and cry aloud for Your mercy. In such a day look down from Your Holy Hill and hear our prayer O Lord."
Time to go back to church folks and seek the Face of God lest His winds begin to blow in your neighbourhood.