Saturday, April 22, 2017

March for Science

Well, well! Earth Day has come and gone and for the FIRST TIME EVER thousands of scientists from around the world have been on the march.
The boffins are alarmed that there is an ANTI-SCIENTIFIC movement underway. They believe that right wing politicians and religious fundamentalists are out to subvert the conclusions of years of research. The clock of civilization and progress is being turned back and they are out to validate themselves at ALL COST.
Signs are being waved that say:
In other words, Science is the new religion and the experts are the new gods and to deny the word of scientists is to be an heretic and a  danger to society.
Well you can book me down as an apostate.
I, and millions of others like me, actually believe in the Creation Story from the Book of Genesis. It runs contrary to the fairy story of evolution and is totally believable. We also believe that, while the planet may be warming, that it has all HAPPENED BEFORE and that God's Hand is on the thermostat of the whole universe.
We discredit the fanciful notion that mankind was descended from apes and fully expect that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, shall shortly appear to put the record straight and usher in the eternal Kingdom of God.
Now, if we were to counter march and proclaim such things we would be mocked as fools and obscurantists, so we don't waste our breath. Our final word is: WAIT AND SEE!



Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Things You Never Hear About

The most significant event of Trump's presidency, the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, was scarcely a footnote in the news of the corporate channels in America.
This week Gorsuch gave the first vote of his Supreme court tenure. It was the deciding vote in a 5 -4  decision to permit schools to teach pupils about the dangers of radical Islam.
Whoopee Doo. Arguably the greatest threat to Western civilization, the rise of radical Islam, was placed under a gag order by the Democrats and other left-wing-loonies. They claimed that schools should not teach their pupils about the dangers posed by Islamic terror since it would only foster further hatred in America towards the moslem minorities.
Thank fully the Supreme Court thought otherwise and granted the go-ahead for schools to sound the alarm.
Gorsuch gave the deciding vote in their ruling two days ago.
BUT don't expect the news to be reported. The liberal media are not happy with what is going on and swing between storms of protest and complete silence.
Either way the news is fake.
So keep in prayer for further wisdom to be forth coming from the Judiciary. 
We are seeing upward change at last.  Hallelujah.


Friday, April 14, 2017

EASTER: The Mother of all Bombs.

The bomb that seared its way through the skies in Afghanistan yesterday was called a MOAB. Nick-name for "Mother of All Bombs!" It dropped from the heavens on the Southern H.Q. of Isis on the Pakistan border and, in one mighty blast, demolished a complex of caves and tunnels where the terrorists were bunkered down. 22,000 lbs of high explosive would do that. In fact the impact was so great that the shock waves were registered miles away as an earthquake. It was the biggest conventional weapon ever used and reportedly it did its job.
How is this connected with Easter.
Well, 2000 years ago, God dropped the Mother of all Bombs on the Headquarters of Hell when Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and three days later rose from the dead. 
During the three days after His crucifixion the scriptures say that Jesus "Descended into Hell". He wasn't dropping by for a friendly visit. It was here, Saint Paul records, that He took on all the combined hosts of Pandemonium (the devil's palace) thrashed them,  led them captive and made an open show of them..
Think of that. A bomb from Heaven that penetrated the deepest caves of Hell and blew them to smithereens.
I have been reporting that great event for 55 years now and every Easter the shock waves of what happened reverberate through my heart once again.
I hope they reach yours as you celebrate with your family this weekend.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cadbury Crosses Out Easter

In this latest brouhaha the prime minister of England and the Arch Bishop of York have got themselves involved. I am talking about the decision of the Cadbury chocolate company to drop the word EASTER  from their annual egg hunt.
For a century or more the Cadbury company has hosted an Easter event for children on the company grounds in Birmingham, England.
It has been known as the "Great Easter Egg Hunt", where thousands of chocolate eggs have been given away free to the local kids. This year it is a hunt with a difference. The title has been changed to the "Great Egg Hunt". "EASTER" has been kept out of it.
The reason? Why, the new human resource department decided that they wanted the event to be more inclusive and did not wish to offend any body who may not be of the Christian Faith.
That was really bright thinking.
In not wanting to offend a few people they have managed to offend thousands more by their mealy mouthed self righteousness, political-correctness.
Also these "newbies" have totally ignored the convictions their founder, John Cadbury, who was passionately of the Christian Faith, and who must be rolling his eyes somewhere in Heaven as he watches their agnostic antics.
Let's hope the intervention of Teresa May, herself the daughter of a Church of England vicar, will manage to put "Easter" back into the egg hunt and get people asking why there are Easter Eggs in the first place.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

VIMY; A Hundred Years Later.

There will be a massive and sombre memorial service next week in France.
Thousands will attend and if I had my choice I would be there also.
Actually my son Mark and I were at Vimy almost three years ago and as I walked the battle field I was frequently brought to tears.
It was here on this ridge along the Somme River that the Canadian forces recorded one of the most dramatic breakthroughs of the First World War. The operation to storm the ridge was one of the best planned and executed raids in the history of modern warfare. It was a combination of the courage of Canadian troops and the vision of inspired leadership that broke German resistance and initiated the end of this bloody four year conflict.
I have more than an interest in the history of the event. My Uncle Oliver had fought a few miles further West of Vimy in the long and ghastly battle of the Somme. 
As a teenager it never occurred to me to question my Uncle about his experiences in the first World War. He might never have told me  about the battles any way. He was a man who for years was locked in the silence of his own memories. However, I do recall one comment that he made in a family discussion. It was brief.
As he exhaled on his cigarette he simply said "War is hell," and left it at that.
Sixty years later I need no elaboration.
 VIMY April 10th 1917.   LEST WE FORGET.